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I am an Englishwoman who has lived for decades in Germany and Austria, thus I can write and speak both laguages as my mother tongue. I qualified as a chartered accountant, which corresponds to the Hungarian "okleveles könyvvizsgáló" or the Austrian/German "Wirtschaftsprüfer". I worked for an international accounting firm in Münich, Vienna and, from 1977, in Frankfurt am Main. In 1981 I switched from audit to tax where I advised mostly foreign investors on the German tax system and their respective obligations. I also regularly wrote articles for English and German professional journals as well as business guides on behalf of the firm. From 2001 I managed an English language online news portal on German taxation - new laws and regulations and Supreme Court cases. I retired from the firm in 2016 at the age of 71 and from then on have been a simple pensioner. I was fortunate in being able to work as an editor from home and was thus able to live in Pomáz without losing my German job. Amittedly, I spent about 10 days of each month in Frankurt, where I still have a home even though this now seems smewhat illusory in view of the Covid restrictions. Let's hope for a return to normal soon!

In the course of my editorial work I became involved with IT and have since occupied myself with home pages. However, this is only a hobby and I am thus free to act only as a favour to friends and acquaintances on a non-business basis.

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